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Bounce House Water Slide Rental

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Have a Cool RentalsParty with our fantastic bounce house Water Slide Rental! The bounce house waterslide features our water spray system and 2ft Splash pool for hours of fun and to help cool you off during the summer! The Bounce House Rental is complete with a giant slide and comes with a basketball hoop inside. The bounce house also features 360-degree mesh netting for parents to keep a watchful eye on activities inside. Have Fun and Make Memories Today! 

  • Please note:  The Waterslide requires a water source AND a Water Hose at the location of the set-Up. We do not provide a water hose.
  • We Deliver - Set Up - Pick Up
  • Non-Slick Vinyl 
  • Great for Backyard Parties - School Events - Church Events - and More!
  • Features: Slide - Basketball Hoop - Bounce Area  
  • Mesh netting for parents to see inside
  • Recommended for ages five and up
  • Weight Limit of 800lbs Total
  • Colors: Blue & Red & Green & Yellow
  • Large 30ft x 20ft Bounce Area 16ft Tall
  • Always Clean, Always on Time
  • Cancel anytime up until 8 AM the morning of your event due to poor weather and receive a raincheck good for one year.
  • Some travel rates may apply
  • Must be within 100ft of a power source
  • Requires One 110Volt Standard plugin 
  • We provide you with everything you Need!

If you have more questions, check out our FAQ Page. 

Making a Splash: Best Bounce House Water Slide Rental

Wondering if a bounce houses water slide rental is the best party equipment to your upcoming event? This guide dives into the must-know details about these thrilling rentals - from safety and setup to cost and customer feedback. Find out what makes these inflatable slides a favorite for parties and how they stack up against other entertainment options for your next gathering.

Key Takeaways

  • The Bounce House Water Slide is an all-ages, multi-feature hit at children’s parties providing thrills and fun while prioritizing safety and customer satisfaction.

  • Setting up is easy and stress-free with included delivery, setup, and flexible cancellation, leaving hosts to focus on party essentials like sunscreen and towels!

  • The real-world use of the Bounce House Water Slide has proven its worth with high customer satisfaction, durability, and competitive pricing, making it an excellent investment for memorable events.

Bounce House Rentals Indianapolis Premier Party Rentals

Are you planning a birthday party in Indianapolis and looking for a fun way to entertain your guests stress-free at affordable prices? Look no further than our party rentals! We have the Best Bounce houses rentals in Indianapolis and the greater Indianapolis area that are the perfect addition to any event, providing hours of so much fun for kids and adults alike.  Our Wide Selection of toddler Bounce Houses and Inflatable Games offer a great Experience and Extra Fun for your Large Event and we specialize in transforming ordinary events into a memorable birthday party experience.  Jump Around is Highly Recommended. We offer flexible rental durations, competitive pricing, high-quality equipment, convenient delivery services, and fun specialty inflatable games.    

Bounce house rentals Indianapolis

Diving into the Bounce House Water Slide Experience

The bounce houses water slide is more than just a water slide. It’s a multi-feature extravaganza designed to captivate and entertain a whole crowd of children at the same time. With a spacious bouncing area, basketball hoops, and an exhilarating water slide component, it promises a thrilling experience for all. However, the real question is: does it deliver on this promise?

From the manufacturer’s claim to customer feedback, the consensus seems to be a resounding yes. Users have reported that these water slide rentals are a popular attraction for children’s parties and can cater to a wide age range, providing fun for all guests involved. The benefits of these water slide rentals include:

  • Popular attraction for children’s parties

  • Fun for all age groups

  • Cleanliness of the water slides

  • Efficient delivery and pickup services provided by the rental companies

Overall, the feedback for these best water slide rentals has been positive.

These inflatable rentals seem to be much more than just a fun novelty. They are a well-designed, quality product with a focus on customer satisfaction. The water slide bounce houses are not just for little ones - it’s for kids of all ages who wants to add a splash of fun and excitement to their event!

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Are you expecting a lot of guests? Get multiple Bounce Houses Rentals in Indianapolis. You can get the Bounce Houses With Slide and an Inflatable Obstacle Courses. Everyone loves variety, so getting numerous Bounce Houses is always wise! Click below to check out all of our Bounce Houses Rental Package Deals. We Deliver to Indianapolis, Greenwood, Carmel, Avon, Fishers, and more!
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Setting Up Your Splash Adventure

Setting up your bounce houses water slide rental is a breeze because we are great at delivering exceptional customer service. With inflatable bounce houses slide rentals in indianapolis, the slides can be inflated quickly, often in minutes, with a UL certified blower that is included with the rental. The rental also includes non-slip vinyl for safety, an owner’s manual, and safety guidelines to ensure correct installment and usage. Once inflated, deflation is just a matter of switching off the blower.

However, a few things need to be considered before setup. Here are some important factors to keep in mind:

  • A water source with a hose must be available

  • The site must be within 100 feet of a power source

  • Logistical planning must ensure adequate space and safe access

Taking these factors into account, including the combo wet aspect and the house combo, will help ensure a smooth and successful setup.

The rental service streamlines the experience by including:

  • Delivery

  • Setup

  • Pick-up

  • Flexible cancellation policy in case of adverse weather conditions

So, all you need to worry about is having enough sunscreen and towels for your guests!

Best Bounce House Rentals

Water Slides & Party Rental Company Indys Jump Around

Indy's Jump Around Indianapolis Bounce House Rentals is a family owned business and is the perfect solution for all your party rentals needs in the Indianapolis area. We offer a wide variety of toddler bounce houses for rent and inflatable Games, from classic designs to unique and themed options. Whether planning for a graduation party rental, birthday party, a corporate event, community gathering, family reunion, or just looking for a fun way to keep the kids entertained with your next party rental, our most popular bounce houses will make your event a huge success. With our competitive rental deals and exceptional customer service, booking with us today guarantees the best bounce houses rental company in the area for a birthday bash. So, when searching for "bounce places near me" or "bounce houses places in Indianapolis," look no further than Indy's Jump Around Bounce Houses Rentals! We will make your event unforgettable. We Deliver all around Central Indiana to cities such as Fishers, Greenwood, Columbus, Carmel, Noblesville, Zionsville, Franklin, Westfield, and More!  Great for your next event, corporate events, birthday parties, community events, and those hot summer days.  


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